We used the day care, dog training, grooming and boarding services here for our German Shepard Puppy and the Grooming and Boarding services for our cat throughout the 3 years we have been stationed at Camp Lejeune. I would highly recommend Animal House to anyone. We knew our pets were well loved and taken care of here, the communication systems they use with clients are stellar and the prices were reasonable. I am very sad we will not have a service like Animal House at our next Duty Station. Thank you to Animal house for all your great work!
Megan Kelly

I’ve been a loyal customer since the day Animal House opened. I have always been satisfied with the grooming and boarding of my pets here. They have a terrific group of individuals employed here. My dogs are very happy with their dog groomers; there are two specific gals that groom them. When I board my pets, I don’t have to worry about them. Mrs. Faulkner would be very proud of how this facility has grown and prospered over the many years it has been in operation.


I’m so thankful for animal house, especially Michelle who did an excellent job grooming my goldendoodle Obie! About a week and a half ago I took Obie to a groomer where I live in Tennessee and was told they weren’t able to do it because when the groomer was “yanking on the dogs neck” (his exact words) Obie became aggressive. I was shocked because he’s been groomed many many times and has never showed an ounce of aggression. When I tried to brush Obie the next day he was flinching under the brush! I came to Jacksonville for the holidays and decided to try Animal House grooming based on its sterling reviews, and I will say they exceeded my expectations! By this time Obie was severely matted in places, but Michelle was able to brush all them out and make Obie extremely comfortable at the same time. It took her a while and after a lot of hard work my dog came out looking incredible. I mean incredible! I was expecting him to have bald spots all over (which would be okay, he was a mess of mats!) but she salvaged his fur and he looks better than he ever has before. Every time I come into town I will be going to see Michelle. Thank you so much!

Kara Barrett