–Good Manners–

[All ages-All Breeds] 6 private training lessons with your pet include: Sit, Loose Leash Walking, down, down stay, and Sit stay. 6 days of play times and socialization in Doggie Day Camp; pet owner education hand out (nutrition, exercise and parasite prevention) plus two lessons with owner and Pet. Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for two weeks. Drop off is from 6:30 a.m. to 10 am. Pick up on Monday and Tuesday is between 4 pm and 5:30 pm. On Wednesday we will schedule a pick up time for the private lesson with you and your pet.



$225 dollars: including Doggie Day Camp


–Refresher Class–

-[Past training required] 3 private training lessons to reinforce/refresh the Good Manners course. If you have not had the time needed to spend with your 4 legged friend(s), we can help. This will reiterate the basics, Sit, Down, Loose leash Walking and Stay. Your pet will also enjoy 3 days of playing and socialization in Doggie Day Camp. This also includes one lesson with the owner and pet at the end of the course. Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Drop off is from 6:30 a.m. to 10 am. Pick up on Monday and Tuesday is between 4 pm and 5:30 pm. On Wednesday we will schedule a pick up time for the private lesson with you and your pet.

$125 dollars includes Doggie Day Camp.

NOTE: If your dog is nervous, shy, or has not been socialized it is recommended they try Day Camp until they are comfortable here at Animal House.


 We also have an A.K.C. Evaluator on staff! We can do the following A.K.C Tests for $20 each test. If your dog doesn’t pass the 1st time we will re-test a second time at no additional cost.

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-A.K.C. S.T.A.R. Puppy Class –

[Socialization, Training, Activity and a Responsible Owner] – Six 30 minute Lessons with Owner and Pet one day per week and will include: pet owner education hand out with information about nutrition, exercise and parasite prevention, Core Commands. We will give information about types of collars and their uses. Professional trainer will give hands on instructions on how to teach Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Loose leash walking and Heel walking. Great class for a 1st time dog owner!



$250 dollars: includes 1/2 day of Doggie Day Camp and an A.K.C. S.T.A.R. award will be included(Approximately 30 minute private lesson with you and your pet after a half day of play in our Doggie Day Camp)


-C.G.C. Prep class – $350 dollars per dog.

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–Only done during the spring and fall months due to temperature and Day light hours.

(This is a Group class – Call for booking early – We have a maximum of 12 spots & up to 4 trainers depending how full the class is)

These classes are once a week for five weeks and the test will be done on week six. If for some reason your dog doesn’t pass the 1st test we will schedule up to two private lessons to polish whatever skills are needed to get your dog to pass the test.

C.G.C. includes these 10 tests:

1 – Greeting a friendly Stranger – Person greets handler & ignores the dog. They do a hand shake and go on their way. Dog must remain seated at handler’s side and show no signs of shyness or aggression.

2 – Sitting politely for petting – Evaluator pets dog. Dog may stand while being petted. Dog can not show shyness or aggression & must remain under handler’s control.

3 – Appearance and grooming – Evaluator inspects overall appearance, lightly brushes the dog and inspects ears and front feet.

4 – Loose leash walking (Out for a walk) – Dog can be on either side and doesn’t need to sit at halt. Team executes a left turn, right turn and about turn at the evaluator’s instruction. The dog remains on a loose leash, but not necessarily heel. There must be no question that the dog is under control

5 – Walk through a crowd – Team walks through a group of at least three people and does the same exercises as in out for a walk.

6 – Sit, Down, Stay – Handler commands dog to sit, down, and stay. Handler must walk at least 20 feet away and return to the dog to release.

7 – Come when called – Handler calls dog from 10 feet away. They can leave the dog in a stay or wait or just walk away without any command.

8 – Reaction to another dog – Handler and dog walk up to another team, dogs on handler’s left side. They stop and both dogs sit. The dog must not show any shyness, over excitement, or aggression. After exchanging pleasantries, both teams move forward.

9 – Reaction to distraction – Evaluator stages two startling events. Examples include but are not limited to: dropping a chair, someone jogging past the dog, a person moving past on crutches, dropping a stack of books, opening a umbrella while walking past the dog. Dog can be startled and/or show curiosity, but can not show aggression. Must recover very fast from any nervousness

10 – Supervised separation – Dog is left with evaluator, handler goes out of sight for three minutes. Dog can’t show undue distress-whining, or barking. Dog may be left in a stay or without any command